What really goes on at a Toastmasters meeting


You may be thinking of attending one of our Tube Talk Toastmasters, or other Toastmasters club meeting, but wondering what you will find there when you arrive. Will you enjoy the experience? Are you going to be put on the spot, or pressurised in any way? Will it be worth your time and effort to be there.

Set your mind at ease, I am going to reveal it all below in a short format!


The meeting is usually divided into 3 parts:

1. The Prepared Speeches

2. Evaluations of the Speeches (by other speakers)

3. Table Topics (impromptu or off-the-cuff short speeches on various topics)

As a guest and unless you belong to another Toastmasters Club, you won’t be asked to take part in giving a speech, unless you would like to give it the proverbial go, in the Table Topics section. Likely you are going to be introduced as a guest and perhaps invited to say something about why you decided to come along, from your seat.

To give a prepared speech or be a speech evaluator, you would need to join Toastmasters International via our Club membership application; so you can relax on your visit! 

No one will ask you to put yourself on the spot!

In between the 3 parts of the meeting, there are other entertaining bits – like the guests introduction I mentioned and you would usually have an opportunity to network before and after the meeting, as well as in a short break in the middle. 

At present, due to the current pandemic, we are meeting online via the Zoom platform. The general format is still the same but there may be occasional variations, such as the order of the 3 parts. Sometimes Table Topics come first on the agenda. Individual clubs can also make changes for diversity and have various additional roles appearing on the agenda. 

You are welcome to contact us and visit us at any one of our upcoming meetings and see for yourself!



Post by: Massimo

Vice President Education and Membership 2020-21
Immediate Past President
Tube Talk Toastmasters Club